Starting a blog is really overwhelming, I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I think about lots of things for quite a while frequently. Which has brought me to writing to myself on a blog that maybe no one will read?

My Husband had suggested it, then my counsellor suggested it, I’m doing it.

I’m into my second week of Anti-depressants because I’m actually depressed. I cried so often that my Daughter asked why I wasn’t crying one day when I hugged her dad…it had become so frequent. It had to stop.

I’m depressed because life fucking sucks sometimes. I had a tough childhood, I have 3 kids, they’re all heaps annoying. Like my daughter is climbing on my arms as I type sooking at me “I want you, mummy I want you.” She doesn’t want me, She actually just wants more food because all my kids do all day long is fucking eat. Shes 2. She has no concept of personal space, The toilet isn’t even somewhere I can go these days without my merry men in there too. I love my kids but Gezus.

I don’t want this blog to be all about me complaining, its supposed to be here to help me, to work through my life, my memories and eventually lead to my ‘recovery’… or ‘discovery’ …. or something along those lines.

I was tired of trying to find support groups online because generally no one there is doing shit to help themselves but its a little bubble of self-pitty where people go to live in the pity of themselves. That isn’t helpful. No one cares about you on those online forums. So it was a no go.

So here I am. Wife, stay at home mother of 3 and what lead me here? I’m a ‘survivor’ of childhood sexual abuse, 6 years of it to be precise. I’ve never spoken to strangers about it openly. I’ve never thought anyone would want to hear me but I think sometimes it just needs to come out. I want to be brutal, honest and encouraging and inspirational. My soul these days is being consumed by the darkness I’ve pushed down for years, never really dealing with your shit doesn’t help you, it swallows you whenever it gets its chance, kind of like those people asking for donations at the supermarket.

So I can’t do this forever. I don’t want to be 50 years old still ugly crying on my husband’s shoulder because a ‘man’ hurt me as a kid and I never got help or helped myself and faced those demons. I want to know where I came from and know I tried my hardest so that when I’m 50 my kids see me as this powerful strong woman that overcame shit. That’s why I’m doing this, I want to be able to share my stories with people, good and bad and not feel like its all still too hard for me to talk about because its still defeating me every day. That’s not where or who I want to be.
I am better than that, I am strong and considering where I’ve have actually turned out pretty alright. My blog, this will all be about my days, my memories, my kids, it’ll be about it all the good, wonderful and disgusting, upsetting stuff. But what I want to use it for is awareness, for strength and hopefully, and somewhere things will turn around.



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  1. I want to comment on your first blog post because you’re going to be amazed where this leads you, this purging yourself of your past abuse stories. I promise. I know because I’ve experienced the change in myself and seen it in fellow bloggers, where one day we’ll go, wow! I can’t believe how far you’ve come! This is an awesome forum. I know just what you are saying about support groups can be just one big pity-party fest. I wanted to MOVE FORWARD. Sometimes you can feel like you’re wallowing, but let yourself! It takes a little wallowing, sometimes 😀

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    1. Hi Mandy, I was really uncertain after a few blogs in if this was the right thing to do as it was bringing me to some dark places, and still is, However at the same time i feel the relief to have it out after each one, and after each one i feel that little bit lighter. And like you said, i want to go When did i change? When did i begin to feel better? And then ill have it all written down to see.
      Thank you.!

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      1. I promise you’ll see change. My first blog was about writing about the monsters of my childhood. After 6 months I felt so different I started this new blog. Now it is all about moving forward. Trust the process- stick with your support system and you’ll see for yourself. 😃

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  2. I too have found tremendous healing in writing and sharing my story. I need to get it out, set it free, so that a little of weight I have carried for so long can be shed and open up space for other feelings. Thank you for sharing.

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