I decided to go public with my blog after a few days of blogging. It was scary and daunting because i didn’t want to be seen as someone seeking pity or attention. That day my blog was Shared on facebook 200 times and i received so much support from friends, family and strangers all over. I also was given the number of a detective in our city who might be able to help me, so look at that hey? Opening up brings so many positives.

I received love, and admiration, encouragement and acceptance. Rather than being seen as a poor girl who had been abused i was seen as strong and inspiring. I can’t express my thanks and appreciation of the support everyone has given me. I just can’t, it’s worth a billion chocolate bars… i may love chocolates.A bit.

My biggest fan and support has always been Batman, my best friend and husband. His support through this has been vital to my healing. Without his love i wouldn’t be where i am. I wouldn’t be working through this the way i am.
After one of my blogs Batman was really upset, he hadn’t really known what it was like for me till i wrote it out and he finally had a better understanding of how i felt. He went to work, in our little garage at the front of the house and at the end of the day he called me in and sat me down in front of the screen and played me a song he had been working on. And the above song was the result. He said he HAD to write it, it needed to be written and that’s what he did. Its the most beautiful thing anyone has done for me and i felt and still feel so loved. We both cried after we watched it. It was an emotional few days, even more emotional than after the Sons of anarchy or Breaking Bad or Dexter finale!

I guess this is just an appreciation post. I appreciate the best parts of the world. I appreciate the people. The love. The inspiration. We humans as a whole aren’t so bad.

Share the love.


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  1. Wow, incredible. Big love for you and Batman (is that him? He’s gorgeous!) going to retweet. This song made me so tearful. Thanks for not spoiling SOA by the way, I’m only on S7 and the end S6 was bad enough! 😩

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