Turns out a Leibster award has nothing to do with Justin Bieber.. Unfortunately.. He’s actually my soul mate. Back up Selena, back the eff up.

I was nominated for a Liebster award by Claire Bear Blues. She writes a beautifully heartbreaking blog about the loss of her 10 month old Daughter. I think she is so brave and inspiring, because as a mother i can not imagine the pain of losing a child and yet she goes on, i don’t imagine how i could but she does for her Lily. She keeps her daughter alive in her writing and in her heart of all hearts.

What is The Leibster award? Like a chain letter, but less annoying, like an award, but not an award. It’s a way of being recognised by other bloggers like promotion, but not. Spreading the word of blog. Like god… but not. You do NOT have to do it by any means, or do, but i think it’s a pretty good thing to do, since i actually now follow some blogs i read as a result of being tagged in this… So while my children play bus’s and Batman tells off movie trailers on youtube of the recent Batman and Superman movie, i’ll do the Leibster. Or Bieber. Which ever comes first?


You need to answer 11 Questions as asked by a Liebster awarder, then Give 11 facts about yourself, then also supply 11 questions to your nominated Liebster Award Receivers.

1.  Why do you write? I write to heal myself, i used to write a lot as a kid, and started again when i was told to use it as a healing thing, turns out, i’m actually pretty good with my words. Go me. Plus. It seems to be helping. 

2. When did you begin to write? See above…and My stories as a kid were long and messy.

3. Did you start this initially for someone else to read or just for yourself? I was intending on it to just be for myself and any poor soul that happened to stumble by it. But after a few days, i began to feel like maybe i could share it. So i did. 

4. How often do you write? When i feel it, i hate writing when i have nothing in my mind, i write best when i’m sad. Which is kinda awkward…. go me? 

5. Is there anything you are afraid to blog about? I am a pretty open book, if you can’t tell, im pretty happy to share. I am scared however to write about my Flashbacks, they do frighten me, and my most recent ones i haven’t got the balls to write them out yet. Yet. Yeti.

6. What do family and close friends think? They are nothing but good ole supporters. Good ole them. 

7. Do you share your blog often? I do. I do, i share it to my Facebook, Batman Shares it on his.. 

8. What has been the best aspect of blogging for you? Well obviously the healing part, it has helped, i find myself less emotionally affected by each blog after i’ve written it. Like it’s out for the world to see so it can’t burden my little rice bubble brain any longer. I also enjoy putting words together.

9. Are there any differences between your online persona and your in-person one? No, Im pretty much the same person. Perhaps i’m more human in person. Batman says i swear a lot in some blogs, but i swear just as much in real life, although i’m funnier in my blogs.

10. Do you mostly write, or do you read too? I don’t read as many books as i want to, because the spawn require alllllll day attention/supervision/yelling ats. ALL DAE! But i do read other people’s Blogs, i try catch up on the ones im following every few days, otherwise if i did it every day, everyone here would be living in a squatter’s den. 

11. What is one quote that fits your life right now? Im gonna get serious here… But, ever since i can remember the quote “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” has always ALWAYS been in my head, even well before i knew what quotes were. I heard it somewhere once. It stuck good. Helped me in those shit head teen years.

11~ ELEVEN AMAZING facts about me:

1. My Batman and i met on Facebook (we did go to the same school but i was heaps too cool and didn’t remember him), he then went to Oman 2 months later where he also proposed on facebook, and then again with a ring 4.5 months later on bended knee at the airport. AWWW. We had physically only been together for 2 months before i said yes. We have been together 6 years now.

Us being stupid effing cute at the airport
Us being stupid effing cute at the airport

2. I have a cold. Right now. Think snot, coughing and sad eyes. Thanks spawn.

3. My first car was a bright green 1980’s Toyota Lift back Celica…. I named him Kermit, he did his job well.

The same as this one
The same as this one

4. I fell pregnant with my eldest son at 19, do not do drugs while on the pill. Let this be a warning to you. WARNED.

This is me, at 38 weeks pregnant and just turned 20 years old. Im so fappy.
This is me, at 38 weeks pregnant and just turned 20 years old. Im so fappy.

5. My boobs, look heaps bigger than they actually are. True story.

6. I always wonder why people want to be my friend. This is a legit wonder of mine.

7. I always thought that since my name is Antanika i would end up marrying a man with an equally weird name like Shaunquanda, or Shauniqua.

8. I am a really nice wife. Really nice.

9. My most favorite part of myself is my eyes. ….and my skin…. and my lips…. and my feet are pretty cute too. Oh and do not get my started on those legs.

10. I am all for gay marriage, equal rights and all that shit. I do not understand anyone who doesn’t. I just don’t get it. I don’t get you? Why gotta hate?

11. The best thing i ever did was marry my Batman. He pulled me from the deep and pulled me in to his murky possibly poo infested but closer to the top waters. He is the reason i am where i am now. And all i have is because of him and probably a little bit of me, He put it together and made the plans, i hold it together with sticky webbed jammy fingers and tape and missing bobby pins.

Us- being so fucking cute
Us- being so fucking cute..

Now I Nek Nominate (Google nek Nominate, but don’t actually do it)…

My child within

Penny Insane


Patricia J Grace (even though i know you have just over 200 followers)

the invisible girl saga

This is not the required 11 blogs because that is actually heaps….

My 11 Questions are :

1. When you write do you write from the head? Or the heart?

2. Do you force yourself to write when you don’t feel like it?

3. If you could/did write a bestselling book what would it be about?

4. When you write descriptively do you see it in your mind, what is your process?

5. What colour would you be if you were to be one?

6. What is your dream?

7. What do you love the most about writing?

8. When you go to a public toilet, do you choose the first, last or middle stall?

9. Have you ever stopped to smell the roses?

10. What 3 words best describes how you feel right now, answering my questions?

11. What advice would you offer yourself if you weren’t you?

So…. away they go…. My kids are losing it. ERMERGERD.


3 thoughts

  1. First, you two ARE cute!
    And you had me laughing on which toilet.
    Though I’ve been nominated before and felt honored, that feelings remains. Thank you.
    You ask very intriguing questions, and it may take me awhile.


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