Screamy, bright, probably dirtier-than a- toilet; Maccas, the best place to drink coffee when you’re broke and need a coffee and a kids playground at the same time, a place that no parent actually expects other parents to play meaning you won’t have to do anything other than drink that sexy cup of coffee. *Cue Pony by Ginuwine here*

Writing here somehow is enjoyable, the busyness, the soothing sound of the McCafe coffee grinder, and the stanky smell of chip oil and coffee mixed together induces something creative in me. I may not be sitting in a cosy dimly lit New York hipster cafe in front of a open fire with sexy Jazz music playing in scattered segments through the bustle and into my ears… but this will do for now.

I have become reflective in the time since starting my blog. I felt as though i’ve had my head inside my own body. Life was foggier, murky and treacherous my poor insides. The strange thing about speaking out about childhood sexual abuse is that nothing changes. Everything stays the same and I just became one of hundreds of thousands joining the statistics. In my case, a historical case, i have spoken out and the chances of the Villain paying for what he did were very very slim and now later in my case just not going to happen at all. My story is out there and is being spread, yet nothing will be done, life rolls on as it always had and he walks, never paying in the ass for his crime like he should and he gets to live a life full of re victimizing others.

Isn’t that strange?

Say tomorrow, a 11 year old girl comes forward and claims her step-father abused her and has done since she was 5. That same day a 30 year old woman comes forward and says her step-father abused her.  Other than time what has actually changed? Should the investigations follow the same path and be shown the exact same law proceedings and be shown the same amount interest in the case???

I feel like being the incredibly-intelligent dumb humans we are known to be over the last 200,000 years that we have apparently existed, that perhaps the justice system might have evolved with the rest of the world. I feel like the laws on childhood sexual abuse, current cases and historical cases is out dated.  Statistics show that they (the law keepers) should/do know in most cases when someone makes a claim to have been sexually abused that less than 10% are actually telling fibs, while that is a very serious accusation they clearly can tell when something is false to get that statistic in the first place, meaning that 90 percent are being 100 percent honest. Meaning a crime is being committed by these creepy floor cockroaches and they need to be prosecuted for a long period of time. Now while this may seem naive or uneducated and i know there are often many differences in each case which might complicate things.  In my eyes though it should essentially be a black and white thing.

If you ever sexually abused a person. You need to be in jail, no excuses:


  • “I was drunk”
  • “She was drunk”
  • “She was asking for it”
  • “It was just one time”
  • “She said yes at first”
  • “She didn’t say anything”
  • “She didn’t say no”
  • “It was years ago, get over it”
  • “I’m just a dick face”
  • “But she orgasmed etc etc.”

Just no, you great big stupid idiots.

This is part of my journey that i’m struggling with the most right now. The injustice of it. The way it’s always been this way. Just seems insane to me. Seems so old fashioned. So outdated.

I don’t see it changing anytime soon, its worked for the law for this long, the government and the churches, for so long that why change something you all still enjoy getting away with, metaphorically fucking up the innocent children and adults of the world.

Until something changes all we can do is raise more and more awareness, encourage victims to speak out, to break the mould. We can educate, time take out learning about Pie in class and start classes on body awareness, confidence and what is and isn’t ok for someone to do, about secrets safe to tell.


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  1. Definitely not “naive or uneducated”… Women and children seem to be second and third in importance to males in the justice system and every place else, the work world for instance, the medical arena another.
    What can you do to feel empowered? I would use that beautiful song by Batman to heighten awareness of this. Or maybe you already are doing that on youtube. I always wondered why I don’t see public service messages about this on TV commercials. I would love to see Batman singing on TV as one way to let others know how much this damages a child. I would love to see this message delivered in any form on TV, or other media. There is a great lack of awareness.
    When I first confronted my past, I felt a great need to DO something. I worked with both elementary schools which at the time in the 80’s, were just being mandated to begin teaching sexual abuse awareness to the children. I worked in conjunction with the school nurse to develop the curriculum.

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    1. I think i feel a really large need to do more to help people, like more than just doing a course and becoming a counsellor or something. But to like actually mske a difference? Imagine how that might empower us.
      So you helped teachers teach about sexual safety etx??


      1. Yes, part of a group. The nurse collected an assortment of teaching tools, one a book I recommended to her, ‘My Body’ along with others books and a video or slide show. It had to be taught yearly to all children, the difference of good touch, bad touch, and to tell and keep telling until heard. I would expect it is still mandated to be taught yearly, but don’t really know.
        There is a way to make a difference, you just have to figure out what works for you. Doing coursework and becoming a counselor sounds very important to me. But if you feel more calling to you, it will come, that need that needs filling.
        I know you had mentioned talking to a detective but that went nowhere. I know attorneys are very expensive, but is it worth a consult with one to pursue villain?

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      2. That sounds like a wonderful thing to be part of. Knowning you are educating and possibly helping those kids.
        We have talked about it. But we dont know much about the process or cost of it to be honest. I would hate to be in more debt for my family in trying to go the private route.


      3. With so many of us wondering this how does it just continue?
        Thank you so much. Im following that one. Cant wait to catch up on the others


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