Robbing banks is heaps better for people than robbing children of their innocence.

This weekend i did some pretty great things that you definitely wish you did:

  • I won a meat tray in an local RSL, wasn’t happy enough with that because i’m a jerk and asked for something else…because I’m an ingrate…. I went home with a meat tray which i happily ate raw (no, not really).
  • Smacked/punched/slapped a woman in the face while busting my sick  ‘watch me whip watch me nae nae’ moves at said RSL with ‘Hipster Pete’.
  • During the night they had a standing ovation and a minutes silence for those who fell in the war, i arrogantly and disrespectfully scrolled through my instagram feed totally unaware of what was going on till a woman smacked me and told me to stand up because she didn’t want everyone to hate me. I think everyone already did.
  • I complimented a woman’s shaved head not realising she actually had cancer till she said awkwardly “I have cancer”.
  • I rediculously decided to run 21 kms through a forest to raise money for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in november Click here to donate. Help us reach our goal!

So turns out i’m actually a bit of an unobvious dick. But common now let me off, its almost certainly because i had a rough childhood and i get to make a billion excuses for my energetic use of swear words.

I’ve rallied together a few of my friends to run this 21 km’s, most of us are not in anyway fit enough yet, so imagine 6 or so somewhat unfit people crying on their knees in the middle of a beautiful forest with the moss around our faces as we slowly crumple then lie crying and screaming in agony like a two year old that’s just realised there’s more blue sprinkles on one slice of fairy bread compared to the other. Our team will be called ‘Can’t touch this’. Gedit? Gedit?

I chose this foundation (ASCA) because as much as i want to help protect children, us as adults tend to be forgotten and it’s once we grow that we need more help and support (not saying children need less as they absolutely do), but we suffer the abuse over and over as grown ups in flashbacks, repressed memories and dissociation and that’s how we spend our whole lives, we don’t need to be protected as such but we need help to be taught how to cope with these things and that’s what this foundation helps people do.

I want to put my anger and energies into something that will actually help myself heal, i need to focus my energy on something other than crushing the villains soul which i will get around to doing don’t you worry. The whole impossible task of getting trying to get the Villain in court just wasn’t a worthwhile thing to do because lets be honest, the system is corrupt and they’re all a bunch of rich smelly faced pedophiles themselves. He could have been robbin’ banks though and i’m sure he wouldn’t get away with that because you just can’t steal money but you can steal all the fucking childhoods you like you Jizz encrusted peasants.

So anyways i figured running 21kms for fundraising might be great yes? Would you run 21kms for $1000 for the proceeds to go people just like me? You totally would you sessy little minxes!

To coincide with this i also started a facebook page that is linked to my blog, like any eager blogger i assume i’ll become heaps famous for my writing (totes will) and plan to take over the world with my excessive swears and all over cute’s and heaps awkward topic. The awkward thing about starting this all is the shameless self promotion, it is so awkward and i feel so dirty, every time i share a blog i assume people are thinking “fuck, shut up with your sexual abuse shit you sooky biach” and while i assume there are some theres probably not that many, amirite?.

I don’t like networking. All this, just makes me feel like a needy girlfriend that sends her Boyfie 100 drunk texts on a night out because she wants a boot-ay call but he’s tired after a long work day and doesn’t want a bar of it, and then he just stops texting back at all and you have already sent 5 texts in a row saying ‘I’m out the front, open the door’, then you have to shamelessly walk yourself home bare foot because you heels hurt when no one answers the door. And NO i’ve never done such a thing. 

I’ve been asking myself lately why i am actually doing this, why am i putting myself through the pain of my abuse on a regular basis, why have i started this, why do i want to expand this onto facebook etc etc, why make this bigger you may ask?

I can not have the man who did this convicted. So i need to make noise not just for me but for others. The stigma of being sexually abused as a child is almost taboo, back in the old days people were made to think that it was no big deal to be sexually abused by a carer or family member and its often swept under the rug to maintain the name of the family. These days it is better, not totally but more now than ever you hear of people coming forward and speaking of their abuse, i want to be part of that, i want to be a voice for those that can’t or don’t want to speak of their abuse yet. I want to help these people feel like they are not crazy humans, they are not lonesome in this. That i too a irregular mum of 3 has the same problems. I too drive down the freeway and cry like a baby with my kids in the car and then last minute pull my shit together to be with my family before we hop out and live life. I want people to know that we are not messed up, we are completely normal for the things we have endured, as children the very essence of us was stolen.

So in the name of shameless promotion, go and boost that little ego of mine, and take the trip to my facebook page- and follow me on twitter, like and share it because without people like you reading and sharing these things we will forever have our inner child voices muffled and people will forever get away with sexually abusing our children because the law does not protect us the way it should.

Perhaps i should start Robbin’ Bank’s too. 


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