Dear child abusers, 

We see everything you do. We see it on facebook, in the news, in the papers. We hear about it on the radio, from friends, from family and from a friend of a friend. We hear and see all the things you do. Some of you get away with the hurt you’ve caused, but your time, your time will come.
It will catch you in one way or another.

I saw that video on facebook of you, I watched while holding back a sob for your child. You, a mother, kicking and hitting your child, whatever your toddler did in the fast food store that day, did not deserve you.
You do not deserve that child’s love and adoration.
I want you to know, I saw what you did. How did you live with yourself after that? How do you tuck that little child in at night knowing that today at the shops you crushed her soul?
That child whom will remain loyal and loving towards you because they are yours.
How could you use that against them?

I saw you in the news today. Your lawyers believe that you, a pedophile deserves only a 5 year sentence because you are Hypersexual, but did you know that just because you are hypersexual it doesn’t in anyway shape or form mean you should get away with what you did for years on end to children that should have been able to trust you?
Did you know, you are a grown man. A grown man that can control what he does to others?
How fucking dare you.

I saw in an article today that you, a mother, assisted someone else in sexually abusing your own flesh and blood, your own 9 year old child.
You allowed someone to do sexual acts to your own child, to a child you brought into this world in your own body, a child that should have only been hugged and adored. But you let a man take her innocence, an innocence that she deserved to keep as her own, till she was ready to give it up. That was hers, not yours to give away like that.
What kind of human being are you, what kind of mother are you?

I saw you with your stern faced mug shot in my facebook feed today, you ‘pimped out’ your own four year old daughter on craigslist, at what point did you even think you could get away with something like that. Your daughter loves you and this is how you repay her?
Where do people like you even come from?

Hundreds of you litter my facebook feed

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse, as a victim of someone just like you, the feeling I get when I see these stories really hurts deep, like a knife in my soul. What hurts more is that I can not help these children, because no one can know what happened until after you have already cause the hurt, we can’t stop you. But you can stop you.

You, the abusers have NO idea that these monstrous things you are doing to us lasts nor do you care. We remember and if we haven’t yet we will, you hurt us so bad that we forget, our minds, our bodies they disconnect, we are left with missing time, years and memories, missing, just like that.

We are left to pick up the shards of our lives because of abuse that sometimes we don’t even remember happening. We are left with a lifetime of mental health issues, a lifetime of heartbreak, physical and mental scars. These scars do not only just affect us, but they affect our families, our friends and the world.

These scars affect you too, because one day Karma will get you, in whatever form, in whatever life, you will pay for what you have done to these children, these innocent children that deserve nothing but your guidance and your love. That is all they want. That is all they need.

I know you don’t care, but we all sincerely hate you. I despise you but I do not wish you death, I do not wish you harm. Because I am not like you but I just want you to know, we can see you.

And if we haven’t yet eventually we will.

Yours truly,

A Warrior of childhood sexual abuse.


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