This blog kicks me in all the feels, it is exactly how I felt until I discovered the world of blogging at the people that come and reach out, the people always wanting to offer a hand, words or just love.

And thank you Tracey for writing something so heartfelt.

Thank you survivors, you are doing amazing things.

Secrets on Fairview

Muddy HandsI started this blog post weeks ago.  It is one of three I’ve been working on since before Christmas.  Today I sat down to finish this one, reading over my outline, staring at the spaces in between, willing my brain to find the words to fill in the gaps.  After a while I realized I liked this piece just as it was.  Somewhere between a poem and an essay. 

Before I met you I fought this war alone.

Wounded and bloody, crawling through the trenches on my hands and knees, clawing at the muck, tugging on the roots, looking under the rocks.

Searching for answers.

Battling demons, full of pain, desperately seeking a way out.

Climbing the walls, covered in dirt and sweat, clinging to the edge.

Falling, hitting the ground, broken and bleeding.

I lie there. For a long time.

Breathing in and out, I open my eyes, through…

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