I wrote this about 7 years ago for a Transpersonal Counseling course I began (and never dang finished). Way before I even considered taking up writing as my ‘Thing’.
The characters are based on real people, and was also just after I had met my now husband, Batman. I had to read this out in sections in 3 seperate circles for the beginning, middle and the end, I had to physically act this out as a myth/ritual in front of the class with other people acting as the characters. It was easily one of the most intense and powerful things I have ever done. The energy in the room was absolutely bizarre and almost everyone was crying.

The King is my abuser. The troll was a previous relationship where I allowed someone to treat me awfully.
The puppy is my son and the man at the end is my husband.
It was one of those moments when I realised I wasn’t alone.

Photo cred: Renee Boyce. Models: Me and my sessy husband.



Once upon a time in a world far far away there was a little Princess, the little Princess lived in a kingdom on the edge of a great big forest.
She lived with her mother the Queen and her evil step-father the King, the King was always telling the little Princess how pretty she was, how beautiful she would be one day, but the little Princess only felt revolt. The King showered the little Princess in jewels and toys but he scared the little Princess as he was big, much bigger than any man she had ever met and much more disgusting than anyone she ever knew.

One night when the little princess was falling asleep in bed she could hear the creaking of the floorboards outside her room and woke up, when the little Princess rolled over to face the door she rolled over to find a big wolf in the kings clothing hovering over the bed, growling so deeply that it turned her little heart to stone.
After that, night after night, for years and years the floorboards would creak and the wolf in the kings clothing would visit the little Princesses room, growling over her every time.

The little princess’s world began to seem less and less fun and more and more daunting, till one day when the little Princess had had enough and decided to leave the kingdom, something that she had not done for a long time as the wolf had forbidden her to ever leave.
The little Princess was terrified to find that what used to be a forest had now turned into a world of fire and coals. The little Princess knew she had no choice but to venture into the new world filled with pain, suffering and knew that she would endure years of uncertainty.
The princess walked for days with no food and no baths and she knew she needed to rest, so she rest against a big charred tree in the forest.

To the Princess the tree felt safe and until  the big tree started to sway and whisper to her. It whispered nasty, uncaring, and revolting things. The princess was shocked to hear such words from the big safe tree so she ran crying, until she reached the edge of a lake.
On the other side of the big black lake was a tiny crying puppy, so  the little Princess wiped up her tears on her dirty stained dress and emerged her body into the lake to reach the other side of the lake so she could console the little puppy.

The puppy and the Princess had over time become inseparable and they spent days wandering the giant forest of fire and coals together.  Eventually they grew hot and tired, so they found a dark cave which was safe and was comfortable,  they maintained a happy existence in the cave together till yet again their cosy lives would be disrupted when the owner of the cave returned. He was a troll who was happy to have such a beautiful Princess staying in his cave, he gave her gifts, brought her flowers which the Princess was fully grateful.
One day when the troll came home from the forest he was unusually unhappy and hit the little Princess, he yelled at her saying “no real man would live with her” or “ever love and need her except for an old and grumpy troll” and told her that the puppy had to leave if she was to stay.
Now the Princess was torn, between a comfortable life and a little puppy who she loved more than she ever knew she could. She realised then, in that one moment as she sat on a stone crying in the front of the dark yet safe cave that if she could love someone like she loved the puppy then maybe someone might love her back the same. Later that night in one bold move the little Princess swept up her puppy and ran with her golden locks and white stained dress flowing behind her. The little princess ran right into a green a luscious world, a forest, a forest of dreams, she sought out the nicest patch of grass and sat.

She sat for hours with her puppy sitting dotingly at her side, cuddling into her lap as they did so and after days when they really thought no one would come to love them; a man from behind a tree walked toward her and sat on his knees in front of her, and said “With my two hands I give you my heart and crown it with my love”. It is then that the little Princess realises she isn’t the little Princess she once was and says “I don’t have to do this alone anymore.” and the three of them live happily ever after in the forest of dreams.


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