On Love and Repression:

A scrooge with emotions
Controlling, condescending
Monitoring each move
With vigilance unending

To keep them locked up
Deep down within
Repressed and unknown
Even to him

Bottled up safely
Impenetrable fortress
Banished from day
The spell of a sorceress

But present they are
Encoded, enshrined
In her body’s memory
Detailed and defined

Waiting for love
Compassion, affection
A tender awareness
And subtle detection

Befriended and felt
Known through sensation
In the safety of love
And self-validation

9da17db5bc26196e5e0373b25abb0741   Dr Elliot Gerschman is a clinical psychologist who consults privately at his Melbourne based practice, Satisfied Mind, focusing on adult clinical psychology, mindfulness, and chronic pain management. He completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Monash University and his professional interests include emotional intelligence coaching, meaning-centred therapy, and developing smart-phone psychology applications.


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