She sat on her stool in the middle of the room,
Her golden hair whirling around her.
Her world at full bloom,
She watched eagerly with her big green eyes,
Her young life slowly unfolding.

Life was out of her small hands now.
And it had unravelled fast, ribbons and streamers were leading her path.
She sat on her stool, shimmering and tall, then a man came who said ‘she had it all.’
She relinquished the rights of her body to that monster.
Because she was given no choice.
She wasn’t his daughter.

She watched the world darken, her eyes became dreary.
She was sad in her heart, her eyes became teary.
The dark that would loom over her and leave her sleep interrupted.
Night after night her world was disrupted.
And she smiled anyway with barely a squeak.
He had crushed her, her soul was now much too weak.

The girl, she grew and became someone’s mother
And it was then she vowed “never again” to another.
She rose from the stool and took back what’s hers.
She found her voice and she spoke so loud with her words.

She stood and wept as her world held her near,
Promising to empower her, loud and clear.


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