Last week a woman was bullied and ridiculed by the O.P.P (Online Parenting Police) recently when she wrote an article about how, her and her husband don’t allow men to be alone with or to babysit their children. Fair enough I thought.

She writes “When I look at my daughter’s class lining up on assembly and think that statistically between one and nine of them are going to be sexually abused before they reach adulthood, I am determined to do everything I can to make sure my daughter is not going to be one of them.” … I nodded with her, agreeing wholeheartedly.

So why does this woman’s choice bother so many people?

And, why should she trust every man?
She has this view because men are pretty much the only people responsible for the sexual abuse of children.
Because 93% of all people that sexually abuse children are male.
Males generally rape, physically abuse and emotionally abuse women. It’s a very real and true generalisation. They do it clearly much more frequently than women do.
The track record of men, just ain’t that great.

I mean I can’t walk to my sons school without a catcall, a whistle, or some kind of derogatory objectifying stare.
Who was doing that? Thats right…men were. Some men whistled at me when I was tending to my daughter in her pram, men flashed their penises at me when I was a teen, it was a man I called the police on when I saw him wanking while watching people walk by, it was a man I knew that came into my home and tried to rape me because he thought I was playing hard to get and lastly it was a man that sexually abused me for 6 years.
Men have treated me worse than any woman ever has.

And while yes, not all men are awful humans, I love men, I love the incredible men I’ve known and met, and a vast majority of those I have met in my adult life are wonderful human beings but there is a very small handful of men I would allow to babysit my children alone. In fact, my children have only ever been babysat by a man and a woman together. And to be honest if I were asked by a man to babysit my kids that was not inside that small circle of people that I allow to babysit them, I’d say no. Right up.

But that is my decision. My parenting choices change nothing for you. As long as you know that my children are safe, happy, fed and loved then what ever else I do is really none of your business.

We all as parents all want nothing but the best for our children, we want them to be happy, loved and most of all safe.
Because god forbid if anyone hurt our babies, we’d kill them right?
We parents would die for our kids, we would seek revenge and justice for any injustices stowed upon them.
So why must we judge each other so harshly on the choices someone else makes to protect them.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but the safety of my children is my responsibility, not yours, not your mums and it is not your school mums, best friends, hair dresser’s responsibility.

It is yours alone. What an incredible and magnificent task.

Kasey Edwards, the author of the article I’m writing about, has not told anyone that she believes this is how everyone else should parent their children, she has not put anyone down for not having these rules, she has not criticised those who allow males to baby sit or to have sleep overs etc. And neither did I when I wrote about the subject.
I will forever try my hardest not to judge any parent unless their children’s ultimate happiness and safety is at risk.
This woman, stated her choice, her reasonable parenting choice; given this day and age yet, was bullied for it. What is wrong with society if we have this hating-on-everyone mentality.
Why is this the concern of anyone else I do not know, nor understand.

This isn’t about you, this isn’t about me, this is about the protection of a future generation that we can only hope wont be tainted by the ignorances of the generations before.

Parenting choices are just that; choices.
And I will make mine, just as you make yours and Kasey makes hers.


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