I LOVE that women are all getting together and embracing this #MeTootrend on twitter. My friend and I were discussing it earlier today. So many women have been sexually harassed or abused in every way possible and it is so FANTASTIC that we can band together over social media for support.
I love it. I really do.
Well done getting that one going Alyssa Milano.#MeToo

However, what we saw with this #MeToo tag was, that its always us. Always us women, banding together to bring insight and understanding to a very real issue.
I get why many men, don’t own up to the more severe abuse side of it. Its often incriminating….
And for that reason…
It just looks one sided.

Just for once can’t men come up with their own hashtag? Perhaps an #imsosorry or a #ihavelearnt or #iseeyounow.

I know, in doing so men could cop some backlash.
But please just once hold yourselves accountable for your own shitty actions. So we can stop calling you out on it.

And I get it, owning up to objectifying women can be overwhelming and scary. It’s shameful, it’s embarrassing, it’s unsightly.

But seriously guys, so is being on the other end of relentless cat calling, touching, inappropriate conversations, rape and assaults.
AND We own it. Every time. Because we have no choice in it.
We are often ashamed, we are often hurt and we are often upset.
But we still call it for what it is.
We have the balls to say #MeToo despite the stigmas attached, despite the ‘man hating’ labels it gives us.

And for the amount of women out there that are #metoo-ing all over the place about this sexual harassment and abuse.
It is rare that we will see many men come forward and put their hands up and say #ididitonce, and I’m sorry.
Or #ididitbutimlearning.
Its almost like these men, the men who this #MeToo is directed at don’t exist.
But we know you do. Because we’ve seen you, we have heard you, we have felt you, we know you are there. Silently watching.

We just want you to take responsibility for the actions you took against women that caused them pain or discomfort.

Or just maybe sort your shit out, educate yourself, stop harassing and abusing women in the first place.

And then #MeToo wouldn’t have to continue to be a ‘thing’ in the bloody first place.

*I am well aware that men can also experience the same kind of behaviours from women and men. I have not included it in my post as I am not a male, and feel as though I can not speak for them, they can speak for themselves if they wish too and I welcome it here on my page.
If you are a male and want to scream #MeToo from the roof, this is your place.
I do have empathy for male survivors and understand this is not only a female issue. However as I have a personal tie to the #MeToo -being a woman and a survivor of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and rape, I feel as though I can comment on this first hand.


10 thoughts

  1. How about fuck off? You cunts like about rape, wage gap and all this bull shit? Women stop approach us men. Leave us the fuck alone. If we wanted to date you we would ask you out. I get stalked and approach even I do my best to avoid women.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. #fuckyoutoo I’m tried of white whores like you. I will never ever date a white women ever again. You are running off your own race of men stupid. I’m Asian and I’m upset for your own race of men. This is why your white men are going to Asia to date and get married.


  2. I have a great idea ! It’s called #poundmetoo – it’s a movement for all of the other women out there who aren’t already washed up in hollyweird whom want to use sex to become famous and get movie roles and of course – MONEY !!!. It will be a one-stop shop for women to peddle their sexual wares for of course – MONEY !!! and also a great place for fat, disgusting hollyweird jew perverts to find their next big hollywood tartlet !!! Oh the sex that will be had, the money that will be counted and spent on shopping sprees. It’s so much more efficient than getting married, waiting for assets to accrue and going through a divorce. Ugh, who has the fucking time for that anymore? Seriously


  3. how about #poundmetoo for all of the normal women out there that want to fuck a rich old man, then moan about sexual assault 20 years later when he is ultra rich, despite he paid them for their whoring already and got them a hollyweird movie career, then when their attention-whore-train derails because they had no talent other than cock-sucking and riding a hotel bed on their back they can just tweet under the #poundmetoo hashtag? It’s a great way for the average woman to cash out


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