Anxiety can be of different kinds and severity. Coping with it does not always require medication, and you can try out many different techniques on your own as well. Experimenting different strategies until you find out what works well for you may help you cope with your anxiety problems in a better way.

Here are some of the strategies that you can try out and see if it brings a considerable change in your mental health and wellness:

Strategies to Manage Anxiety and Stress:

  1. Conscious and slow breathing helps calm the nerves. Try breathing slowly for about 5 to 15 minutes every day. Make sure you are in an open atmosphere with a peaceful environment.
  2. Those who suffer from anxiety issues must have experienced stiff shoulders and pain in the neck. Do an exercise by releasing your shoulders completely and rolling the neck gently. It will help relax the body and mind at the same time.
  3.   Massaging your hands gently for about 3 minutes every day can help improve mental health and reduce anxious and negative feelings. You can also use oil or a moisturizer for some skincare along the way. The massage helps release the hormone of oxytocin that is also known as the ‘love hormone’ and it promotes positive emotions.
  4. Organize your stuff and start putting things in order. Repeat the activity every day as it helps to bring a sense of mental order and peace.
  5. Plan a trip to a destination that is filled with nature and greenery. It helps soothe the mind and brings a sense of peacefulness in the body and soul.
  6. Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Then, ask yourself, “How would I cope if that happened?” Now answer those questions.
  7. Take short breaks after every hour of working or studying. It will prevent the overload of information and stress that is caused by constantly using your brain on one thing. Let your mind relax and go for a bath. Cold showers throughout the day can help release endorphins in the body which is a hormone that reduces negative feelings and promotes mental wellness.
  8. Do not spend too much time watching or reading distressing news. Try to shift to comedy shows and movies and any activity that makes you laugh and feel lighter.
  9. Meditation is the most preferable alternative to medicines for treating anxiety. It is known to be the best technique for anxiety relief and the world believes in its benefits today. Incorporate meditation into your daily routine, even if it is for merely 15 minutes. Search for different ways to meditate and follow them to relax your mind.
  10. Pet an animal or spend some quality time with a baby or a kid. Play around like a child and forget your worries for a while. It is a great therapy for the mind and you instantly feel lighter and calm.
  11. Write down about whatever is bothering you and jot down a plan to prevent that from happening again in future. Writing your feelings down helps maintain mental order and calms the mind.
  12. Another place anxiety and stress can come from making assumptions or jumping to conclusions without proper facts. Try to think positive whenever you feel like you are making assumptions or concluding things on your own that are putting you in anxiety for no reason.
  13. Be forgiving to yourself when you are unable to handle a situation perfectly, especially when it comes to social interaction and being out there. Ask yourself what you can do to be better in the future and take a positive approach.
  14. If you are having all the anxious feelings due to someone’s odd behaviour, try to give them benefit of doubt and accepting that there may be a reason to their behaviour that does not even relate to you. It will help you relax and feel more positive instantly.
  15. Analyze yourself and reaction to when somebody suggests a change. Ask yourself if you are open to it or you feel threatened. Try to work on it and embrace the little changes. Believe in your power to handle a situation and make your own decisions rationally without feeling anxious.
  16. Accept yourself with all your flaws and embrace them. Feeling anxious because you are not ‘your’ perfect self that you want to be will only make things worse. Accept the fact that there is always a difference between you and who you want to be. Just work on being your better self and embrace the real you today.
  17. Do not compare yourself with others, especially the more ‘successful’ ones, as it only brings a sense of deprivation and anxiety for no reason. Look yourself in the mirror every morning and point out your qualities. Focus on being and improving yourself so much that you do not remember the irrational comparison your mind makes at times.
  18. Try to count your blessings on a daily basis and be grateful that are going right in your life. It may not help reduce your anxiety instantly, but it does help bring a positive change in a slow and steady manner.
  19. Talk to your loved one or a close friend about your anxiety problem. Sharing your feelings with the ones who care helps strengthen you emotionally and deal with your problems in a much better way. Ask them what they do when they feel anxious or nervous in various situations and learn from their experience.
  20. Never rush your while performing a task or doing some work. Keep the pace slow and natural. Try to give time to your brain to focus while being calm. Rushing things is another reason that takes the anxiety levels up.


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